My charting style can be described as clean, clear, to the point and educational. I use the tools I have realized from decades of experience works the best. And I have systematically tried most charting tools out there.

My main toolbox includes classical technical analysis, cycles analysis (Bressert), sentiment, fibonacci, inter-market analysis and Weinstein stage analysis. To help identify turns I also use ratio charts plus look for e.g. false breakouts and undercut lows. In addition I have some unique tools developed from experience that you will catch up on as we go along.

Note that cycles analysis is the one and only comprehensive tool that incorporates time as a factor. And, combining cycles analysis plus classical technical analysis is a match made in heaven really.

I also use so called long cycles, like the on average 54 year Kondratieff wave, the 18 year debt/real estate cycle, the 15 year commodities cycle, plus the 8 year gold cycle.

Note here that cycles analysis/theory is completely different from so called long cycles. Cycles analysis/theory is a comprehensive tool based on rules and parameters, used to identify market highs and lows. Long cycles are just long cycles based on only time.
And, many, many years of extensive experience is needed in order to excel at cycles analysis/theory (so do not listen to the ones that do not have the experience).

I also of course use fundamental analysis for both macro plus company analysis. I spend a lot of time analyzing resource companies in order to find the best-of-the-best companies.