Besides the blog-based service, I also offer GT ONE-ON-ONE where I work with all client categories one-on-one in their trading/investing/training. Focus depends on what the client needs and wants.

Mentorship program with personalized plan
- learning to trade/improving trading skills, and
- learning technical analysis plus cycles analysis
- 7 module program

Help with portfolio construction/review
- based on your personality, strategy and risk level; if you do not have a strategy, we will build one

Regular talks
- e.g. market talk, strategy, sounding board, coaching, own charting, specific trades

Special requests/arrangements
- tailored analysis

Preparing for a failing monetary system
- How to think about it and what to do plus what not to do

Business consulting
- investing and trading strategies
- when to do what with regards to the company´s own chart
- operational excellence (13 years as management consultant helping high profile clients)

Client category examples are HNW, mutual fund/partnership, family office, bullion dealer, corporate treasury, commodity desk.

My fee is a retainer fee for a certain period.

If interested in GT ONE-ON-ONE, just send me an email and then we can schedule a first talk.