Why should I subscribe?
I have developed a unique system based on a combination of cycles analysis, classical technical analysis and fundamental analysis. As a member, you will learn the process plus acquire the knowledge. This will help you enhance your ability to see through the noise (which is essential in trading/investing). And you can always ask me questions at the blog.

Note that cycles analysis is the only technical analysis tool there is that incorporates time as a factor. While all other tools focus only on price plus volume, cycles analysis also adds the time factor. And that gives us a huge edge.

Do you have your own skin in the game?
Yes, absolutely. I buy the same setups and companies that I post. I do not have a fictitious so called model portfolio.

What is posted?
I post daily updates for gold, silver, platinum, uranium, crude oil and US dollar. I also post daily updates for the corresponding sector ETFs like GDX SILJ GDXJ URNM URA XLE XOP. And every weekend I post a big picture report with long term charts.

At cycle lows I post great buy setups with only the best-of-the-best companies, this based on both cycles analysis, technical analysis and extensive company fundamental analysis.

This means we buy the individual companies stocks, and that we chart the underlying commodities plus the companies ETFs for market direction.
(Some subscribers use the service to trade/invest in the ETFs for their 401k)

Do you offer other subscription time frames besides the six months option?
I´m afraid not. I had other time frame options early on but quickly realized I had to minimize administration in every way I can. And that includes offering just one time frame, which now is six months.

Will I be able to take advantage of what is posted?
Yes, I have many subscribers that are not so technical. My charting style can be described as clean, to the point and educational. And what I do is that I have the notifications on the charts and then in the text section of each post I keep the text less technical, so you will be fine. My chart notes are also clean and clear, which means I only include what is needed. And, one big reason for having the service is to educate and help. Also, as with everything important and complex one wants to learn, one has to put in the time.

What is your time frame?
The time frame is determined by how the sectors move. Based on cycles analysis, the time frame can be a few weeks up to 4-5 months, all depending upon how the cycles play out. But in very strong moves, we sometimes hold for much longer than that, turning a trading position into an investing position, since the risk of getting out during those very strong moves is too large.

Why do you trade the individual companies and not the ETFs?
Several reasons: 
1) an ETF is a basket that always contain slow movers
2) many ETFs does not really hold what they say they do, e.g. the silver junior companies ETF named SILJ, does not hold that many true junior companies really but mostly large and medium sized companies 
3) the best-of-the-best companies go up far more than the sector ETF

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, since the payments are non-recurring, the service can be cancelled at any time just by not renewing for another period.

Why is the service based on a private Twitter account?
Twitter is well suited for this service as we really do not need long posts or long market review pdf-files in order to understand where the market is going or to find great setups. Also, focusing too much on the why (long reports with macro fundamentals) is what feeds the so called wall of worry during a bull market and makes you miss major moves. And, Twitter always works.

I do not have a Twitter account, how do I get one?
Twitter is really very simple. You register a Twitter account at their website in a few minutes. And when you use your account you can just go directly to the subscription account, and you do not have to use or look at anything else there.

Do you use a model portfolio?
I have chosen not to have a so called model portfolio. This because I believe it takes away focus from the trend analysis. And also because I think it ties up a service longer term to the few companies in the portfolio and with that hindering from catching other, at the time, better opportunities. We can have core holdings without having them in a model portfolio.   
But above all, as we trade the market cycles and different companies have great setups at different lows, it does not make sense to be tied up to a fixed companies portfolio.

Do you have a step-by-step guide for how to pay with card?
1) Go to the home page for the website and scroll down to yellow area
2) Click on the "BUY" button
3) Fill in the order form, then click on "Continue to payment" button
4) Press yellow button
5) Press button "Pay with a card" (might have to scroll down)
6) Fill in the payment details, plus tick the box "No, thanks" to the question
about creating a Paypal account
7) Press "Continue" button

About Chrome-based browsers:
Sometimes Chrome has problems with internet payment, so if you are using Chrome as browser and having payment issues, please try a non-Chrome based browser like Edge, Safari etc. Note here that many browsers are based on Chrome, e.g. Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Epic etc.

What different kinds of services do you offer?
The blog-based service described here above I have named GT PREMIUM, and it involves comprehensive guidance plus strong, actionable buy setups using cycles analysis, classical technical analysis and company analysis.

I also offer a second service I have named GT ONE-ON-ONE, which is aimed at HNW, professional and family office clients. See menu option in main menu in the header above for more information.

I offer these services because it lets me combine my two professional passions - trading/investing plus consulting.
I have 15 years as consultant/advisor, in 14 industries, helping high profile clients.
I did my first stock trade/investment back in 1994.
I care deeply about helping individuals and organizations.