On April 21st, 2020, we finally got the broader commodities, generational bear market low

The chart below is my ultimate long term roadmap chart for the commodities index CRB.
I called the 48 year bear market low back in April 2020, during an expected false breakout. Price then followed my red arrow.

The very long term charts for silver and gold below shows the almost unimaginable move we are about to experience during the coming years. The same will be true for uranium and platinum.

And as we have seen historically, precious metals companies often multiplies gold´s and silver´s rise by 2-3 times. This means e.g. that if silver is going to go up by 15 times, the silver companies is going to go up by..., yes, I think you can do the math on that one. The moves that we are going to see are simply going to be more than historical!


I have my full skin in the game, i.e. I buy the very same setups and companies that I post on.

My focus are the sectors that will move the most - silver, uranium, gold, platinum, crude oil.

We trade the daily plus weekly cycles time frames. My trading ideas are great setups for the best-of-the-best companies using technical analysis, company analysis and cycles analysis.

I post daily chart updates and every weekend I post a big picture review with long term charts.

The service is based on a private Twitter account. This format is well suited for this service as we really do not need long posts or long market review pdf-files in order to understand where the market is going or to find great buys.