Here is my homemade list of terms I use:

Cycles Analysis (CA)
DCL/DCH = Daily Cycle Low/High
ICL/ICH = Intermediate Cycle Low/High (weekly)
YCL/YCH = Yearly Cycle Low/High
HCL/HCH = Half Cycle Low/High (half daily cycle)
LT/RT = Left/Right Translated
F = Failed cycle; a move below the previous cycle low
Swing low = a move above the candle that marks the low
Swing high = a move below the candle that marks the high

See also the subpage on Market Cycles (under construction):

Technical Analysis (TA)
BT = BackTest
BO = BreakOut (up/down)
FBO = False BreakOut (up/down)
ST/LT = Short/Long Term
H&S = Head & Shoulders
PO = Price Objective
PD/ND = Positive/Negative Divergence
ATH/ATL = All-Time High/Low
MA = Moving Average
EMA = Exponential Moving Average
GSR = Gold vs Silver Ratio
SGR = Silver vs Gold Ratio
THIN ZONE =  a previous price range with very little volume, creating little price resistance

My own tools, developed from experience
ATAM = Around The Apex Move
EATAM = End Around The Apex Move
RBK = Rounded Bottom Kickdown

PM = Precious Metals
PGM = Platinum Group Metals (plat+pall+a few more)
SM = general equities / Stock Market
TA = Technical Analysis
FA = Fundamental Analysis
CA = Cycles Analysis
WR = Weekend Review/Report

Colour coding on charts (the white charts)
Orange = upmove route / scenario
Pink = downmove route / scenario
Blue = larger patterns / more important trend lines
Purple = other patterns / trend lines / arrows
Black = main support / resistance; horizontal dashed lines
Green = rounded bottom or cup or handle
Brown = gaps
Red = cycles DC/IC/YC trend lines + PD/ND lines
Red text = chart notes
Black text = other info
Green text = cycles comments

About company categories
LP = Large Producer
SP = Small Producer
D = Developer
E = Explorer

Article about company categories:   E => D => SP => LP